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Henry’s 6th Birthday Cake

The plan: Build a volcano cake out of 24 homemade chocolate chip muffins, fresher the muffins the better so cooked the night before. No fancy lava, just lots of icing sugar, maybe Smarties in the Crater.

Need to make a base for the cake, probably add barbecue screwers to help the muffins keep the Volcano shape…

Trial run of Muffins went well, even with May’s help, used the Recipe from All Recipes.

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Recipes for Henry & May

A summary of the recipes that are popular with the kids. Well popular with Henry at least, May only seems content with munching through a pork pie.:

  • Macaroni Cheese [H & M]
  • Carbonara – Jamie’s Courgette version [H & M]
  • Spaghetti Carbonara [H & M]
  • Noodles with Cream [H & M]

  • Shepard’s Pie [H]
  • Fish Pie [H]
  • Porridge [H]
  • Roast Dinner Vegetables [H]
  • Cauliflower/Broccoli Cheese [H]
  • Fish Finger’s and Veg [H]

Henry definitely prefers mild flavours, anything too flavoursome is ‘too spicy’, from tomatoes to bacon. Or anything that cannot be chewed to a paste (meat for example, stringy vegetables).

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Table Manners

A new developmental step? Well more of a regression… Henry has started sucking food off the table cloth, ummm yum (Not quite as disgusting as it sounds as it is one of those plastic coated cloths). But it sure looks disgusting. Henry face down, nostril deep in custard, slurping away trying to get the very last morsel of food is a joy to behold.

We are going to have to put a stop to it before we eat out in public again, but I am finding it difficult to chastise him. He has never been a big eater and any show of interest in food should definitely not be discouraged. Especially as he only does it with food he really likes, so its kind of a complement to the chef.

Henry’s favourite foods so far, to receive this special seal of approval, include Macaroni Cheese and Banana and Custard.

Must get a picture of this one…

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Kitchen Finished

I think we finally could say we had finished the kitchen around August 2008, what seems like an eternity. So thought I’d post a comment here with links to some photos of Henry exploring his new environment. There is a small collection of photos in our album under Birch Cottage > Kitchen After.

What's Up?
Kitchen Sink

Henry had a soft spot for the sink, and could spend hours playing with the plug, trouble was his attention would eventually turn to the tap… with spectacular and very wet consequences.

Henry and the Unicycle

Here you can see Henry is examining the quality of the Travertine floor (more likely he is concentrating on something more mundane, as this has now become known as Henry’s poo pose).

The Perfect Mix

Finally, Henry is trying to read the gas meter, conveniently located in this small cupboard full of alcohol.

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Day 1
Day 2

I guess it was only a matter of time, as the Chickenpox virus had been going around all the local schools and nurseries over the last month or so. Henry finally got the nasty itchy, scratchy disease, luckily the first spots started to appear on a Friday, so the worst of it was over a weekend.

Day 3

Days were just about manageable just keep distracting him, however nights were hell, crying and scratching for hours. Loads of Calamine lotion and aqueous cream seemed to help, but possibly just helped cool him down, as well as tepid baths,

Day 4

up until he looked down and noticed his whole body was covered in scabs and he got a bit upset.

Fortunately the worst was over by Monday, and no longer needed any Calpol to keep his temperature down and most of the scratching is now due to his usual eczema irritation.

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Uncomfortable Nights

Since my post in March Sick little boy we have only had a handful of nights where Henry hasn’t woken up in the early hours and taken over an hour to get back to sleep. Also not helping is George meowing at the bedroom window at Five o’clock in the morning waking us all up – a few cups of water is helping to break that habit…

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More Words

Henry’s vocabulary is still coming on leaps and bounds, the words are getting easier to understand, whether that is Henry improving, or us getting better at recognising his pronunciation, some new ones include:

“Ump” – Computer
“Ba Wds” – Backwards (down the stairs)
“Dow Stss” – Downstairs
“Bap Fust” – Breakfast
“Bids” – Birds

As well as Duck, Hot, and “Burp” after burping – definitely a word I can say I have taught him, and a few other ‘words’ that he must have learnt at nursery that leave both of us looking puzzled and Henry looking frustrated.

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Sick Little Boy

Henry seems to be constantly in the wars or have some nasty illness at the moment, it is really making life a bit of a trial for him. Currently he has got another lung infection, which has symptoms very similar to the last one: Bronchiolitis, which he really should be able to shake off now he’s older. Have to see what the Doctor recommends, but I don’t expect any amazing words of wisdom.
His skin has got very dry again, must just be the time of year (lots of heating on, lots of thick clothes, fevers and sweat irritating his skin?), seem to remember it peaked around this time last year.

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Henry’s Investment Update March

The markets has stabilised to some extent, generally I still have my shares hedged, but this is outside my ISA so is not reflected in Henry’s portfolio. Two additions this month Galliford Try [GFRD] a construction / housebuilder recently reported, and Smaller Companies Dividend [SDV] a high yielding investment trust. At the start of March, Henry’s original investment of £314.68 is now down a nasty 9.26%, valued at £285.54 or 2.3597% of my portfolio.

Henry’s CTF consisting of £250 worth of F & C’s Capital & Income Investment Trust (FCI), and £100 worth of Pacific Assets (PAC) – also down 11.99%, current value £309.05.

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First Words

Henry’s been picking up ‘words’ for quiet a while now, see if I can remember some of them:

Box, Box
Doo-ah – Door
By By – Bye Bye
Boua – Ball
Hisss – Horse
Hss – House
Uss – Tooth Brush
Tee(th) – Teeth/Tooth Brush
Moo – Moo
Bop – Fruit Pot
Eh Oh – Uh Oh (Copying Daddy)
Bam – Bang (after hitting or dropping anything)
Bap – Pen
Bup – Button
Aap – Up
Dow – Down
Tat Tor – Tractor, Cat, Cow, Watch, pretty much anything at the moment
Ca (Tor) – Cat
Toc Tor – Watch (Tick Tock)
Waah – Meow (Copying George)

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Henry’s Investment Update February

A steady fall in the markets has taken its toll on Henry’s investments, jettisoning Jubilee Platinum [JLP] break-even, freeing up some cash for when the market bottoms. At the start of February, Henry’s original investment of £304.68 is now down a nasty 8.56%, valued at £278.60 or 2.28% of my portfolio.

Henry’s CTF consisting of £250 worth of F & C’s Capital & Income Investment Trust (FCI), and £100 worth of Pacific Assets (PAC) – also down 12.53%, current value £307.75.

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Art Gallery

Henry's Hands

Obviously Henry is going to be a creative genius, so I’m going to try and keep a digital copy of all his ‘artwork’ from nursery. So far not a prodigious amount of output, just two pictures and a painted stone – one of which Olivia has already binned.

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Henry’s Investment Update September

A fall in profits (due to merger costs) at Dmatek saw the share price fall back, making quite an impact on performance this month. An excellent set of results from HWY has prompted me to invest new funds into the ISA, taking Henry’s proportion down in % terms. At the start of September, Henry’s original investment of £173.14 is now up a meagre 1.23%, valued at £175.27 or 1.35% of my portfolio.

Henry’s CTF consisting of F & C’s Capital & Income Investment Trust (FCI) – also down, current value £237.

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Henry’s Investment Update August

The markets took a bit of a dive this month most of Henry’s stocks following the market down. At the start of August, Henry’s original investment of £163.14 is now up only 5.4%, valued at £171.92.48 or 1.43% of my portfolio.

Henry’s CTF consisting of F & C’s Capital & Income Investment Trust (FCI) – also down, current value £238.

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Stacking Cups

We bought Henry some stacking cups last week, and he has yet to do anything with them but suck on one at a time. After some intensive training this weekend he has managed to learn to smack two of them together (which he quiet enjoys), a major achievement! Next week I’ll be buying some coloured beads and teaching him the prime numbers up to 101.

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Henry’s Routine

  • 7:00 – Wakeup, breastfeed
  • 7:30 – Breakfast
  • 10:00 – Snack
  • 10:30 – Sleep
  • 11:00 – Wakeup
  • 12:00 – Lunch
  • 13:30 – Sleep
  • 15:00 – Wakeup, cup of milk
  • 17:00 – Tea
  • 18:20 – Bath
  • 19:00 – Breastfeed
  • 19:20 – Sleep

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Henry’s Investment Update July

Markets generally slowing over the summer, and poor performance from my insurers (CHU & HWY) led to a bit of a slump this month. Also bought into Welsh Industrial Investment Trust, currently trading significantly below NAV, however massive spread means showing quiet a loss at the moment. At the start of July, Henry’s original investment of £153.14 is now up by 8.7%, valued at £166.48 or 1.3461% of my portfolio.

Henry’s CTF voucher has also finally been invested with F & C’s Capital & Income Investment Trust (FCI) – the lowest risk Trust they do, current value £245.57.

June 30, 2007   No Comments

Skin Treatments

A list of the treatments and their affects on Henry’s skin:

  1. Untreated
    • Dry skin on arms,legs and chest
  2. Aqueous Cream
    • No real lasting affect on the dryness,
    • Scratches skin behind knees & chest
  3. Dibrobase
    • Stung his skin on application
    • Made backs of knees very inflamed
  4. Dermol & Oilatum (in bath)
    • Calming on skin, doesn’t scratch backs of knees(temporary)
    • Skin on arms & legs still very dry & rough
  5. Doublebase & Oilatum
    • Slothing off of dry dead skin, legs, arms & sides of head
    • Itching on backs of legs
  6. Doublebase, Oilatum & 1% Hydrocortisone (on inflamed areas)
    • Okay, so far, possible side-effects of Hydrocortisone to look out for.

June 2, 2007   No Comments

Henry’s Investment Update June

Another solid performance this month, collecting the dividends from SUS & HWY the high yielding portion of the PF, providing a boost. At the start of June, Henry’s original investment of £143.14 is now up by nearly 18%, valued at £168.79 or 1.26% of my portfolio.

June 1, 2007   No Comments

Henry’s Investment Update May

Not much happened this month, generally good recovery from SUS & JLP bringing our performance back up. Reduced our holding of SUS, as planned, as now fairly valued, the other half kept for the yield (ex-dividend tomorrow). The six monthly ISA fees of £40 are now due, I’m tempted to switch to Selftrade for a flat £25 annual fee, to save on overheads. At the start of May, Henry’s original investment of £133.14 is now up by over 10%, valued at £146.49 or 1.19% of my portfolio.

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